All About ParrotHue-

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bags and that's kind of the same thing!”

Handbags are the weaknesses of women and it never gets outdated. We know you all agree about this, that’s why you are here! And we appreciate you being here from the bottom of our hearts! 

We started our journey in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. My mom decided to clean out an old wardrobe that had an inspiring collection of fabrics that had been preserved and unused for several years. We used that to design our first-ever line of clutch bags for my bridesmaids and favor bags for our wedding guests. It was extremely popular with my bridesmaids and guests, which encouraged us to start this brand.

Our designs are inspired by Indian culture. Flora & fauna of India, especially parrots, vintage prints & fabrics, and traditional Indian art & craft are inspirations for our designs. The products we offer are stylish, versatile, multi-use, chic, and timeless staples of Western & South Asian wardrobes. Every product we make is a piece of art & limited edition. 

 Our products are handmade & handcrafted by artists in India, and annually we contribute a portion of our sales to the upliftment of artist communities.

No matter where you are off with our bag, whether it be a wedding, gala, party, meeting, or any other event, we make sure they make you feel classy, royal & elegant! You’ll carry a little piece of Indian craftsmanship with our product(s). 

The story behind our brand name-ParrotHue-

All around the globe, you can find parrots, which illustrates our ability to reach nearly everywhere. In different parts of the world, the appearance of parrots varies in terms of hues, which reflects the variety of styles, colors, and designs created by us.

Hence, we named our brand Parrot + Hue=ParrotHue.

You may ask, Why Parrots Though?

Parrots are considered sacred in Indian culture. In certain Indian cultures, the clay or cotton parrots are placed on the wedding altar as they are considered auspicious. Since we design bags for special occasions, we wanted our brand to reflect positive vibes and auspiciousness.

 Because of their lively nature and moral wisdom, they are mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. Our brand is a reflection of a vibrant spirit & our designs are thoughtfully rooted in Indian culture.

Finally, our founder, Miloni, loves parrots so much that the décor for one of her wedding functions was themed around parrots.

Hope you enjoyed reading the story behind our brand name- ParrotHue.