ParrotHue-A Timeless Designs is the creation of a mother-daughter duo. When two creative heads meet at one place, magic happens and that has actually happened here at ParrotHue-Timeless Designs.


A young, talented, and profound landscape architect with a great deal of design knowledge. ParrotHue began after she designed stylish vintage clutches for her bridesmaids, which they loved and appreciated.

Her role in ParrotHue is the creation, design, visualisation, and marketing of products. She is particularly interested in Indian art and craft. Ultimately, she wishes to promote Indian craftsmanship worldwide through the canvas of bags. So far, she has brought Mata-ni-Pachedi, Gond Art, Kutchi Work, Phulkari work to the brand. She is continuously making efforts to bring more and more traditional Indian art and embroidery to the to the world by the means of ParrotHue. She has a dream of collaborating with traditional artists around the globe. 

When she’s not designing, she is travelling, cooking or gardening!


A homemaker but an entrepreneur was always alive in some corner of her heart. Her father had a fabric shop in old Ahmedabad so core knowledge of fabric and fabric selection is in her genes. Throughout her life, her love of designing clothes and accessories emerged when she would design for herself and her daughter.

Her role is to source fabrics and materials. She coordinates execution of design work and manages the order timelines. When she's not designing, she sings!