Gond Art Painting-Birds and Tree of Life in Color

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Myna & Parrot in Color

Story behind the painting-

Affectionately known as "Myna" in the village, house sparrows embarked on daily morning flights in search of sustenance.

As the sun dipped beyond the horizon. The sparrows returned to cozy nests beneath village eaves.

However, a curious twist emerged during rainy seasons. When parrots ventured near thier nests, sparrows vehemently protested.

Village gossip spun it as an age-old, vibrant territorial feud, deepening the allure of the sparrows' charming lives.

Following points to be noted-

1. All paintings are on canvas.
2. They are originals, not copies.
3. They are painted with acrylic paint or ink.
4. Hand-painted by our Gond Artist and his wife. Sometimes by other family members or friends. 
5. There might be slight variation from the image shown here.

6. Once you've placed your order, the painting will enter the production phase, which typically spans 30 to 60 days before it's ready to be shipped. You'll receive an order placement email too. After our conversation with the artist, you can expect to receive an email within a week that will provide you with details about the estimated delivery timeline. Kindly ensure to check your spam folder for this communication.