6 Best Valentine's Day Gifts-Red Clutch Bags and Gift Bags

Red is the color of romance. Red is the color of love and passion. Valentine's Day is the most appropriate time to express your appreciation and love, and give red Parrothue handbags as gifts. This Valentine's Day, anyone who has a significant impact on your life deserves your attention. This gift guide is for those celebrating Valentine's and Galentine's Day.

Valentine's Day would be the happiest occasion to present her with red clutches. It is nerve-racking when you are unable to think about what to give and what not to give on Valentine's Day. So, your search for an amazing Valentine's Day gift is over. We have an immense collection of Red Clutches with decent ideas on how you can accessorize them with your outfits.

All our designs are timeless and will never be out of fashion or out of date. All of our designs are handmade and designed by us. All these bags are one-of-a-kind.

1. Phulkari Clutch- Heer

We surely remember a few beautiful love stories like Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, and Heer and Ranjha on Valentine's Day. This clutch embodies the essence of love. The work done on this clutch is Phulkari work which is first seen in the tragic life story of Heer-Ranjha. In the 18th century, Waris Shah's version of Heer Ranjha depicts the wedding trousseau of the female protagonist Heer. 

Following his description of various clothing items in Phulkari, we named this clutch the Heer. Phul means ‘flower’ and Kari means ‘work’. Here, silk threads are used to create flower-like patterns and the finished work is called the Bagh (Garden). Cotton was grown immensely in Punjab and so we see this work done on hand-spun cotton fabric also known as 'khaddar'. Now, this embroidery is available on various fabrics.

The Heer clutch is bright red with green and orange embroidery. It can hold your phone and a lot of other things.There is no doubt that this clutch gives the gift of eternal love to anyone who receives it. 

2. Red Parrot Gond Art

Gond Art is one of the prides of our culture and art. There are several art lovers who are in love with Gond Art and get attracted to it.

By using tribal art on a clutch, you will give it a contemporary feel. A totally different painting style. Instead of filling the fabric entirely, fill the area with straight lines and dots. It provides you with the flavor of Indian arts and crafts.
Generally, Gond Art is inspired by nature, and ParrotHue has Valentine's designs featuring Parrots on red fabric. Only one piece is available in each. So hurry up!

This clutch is loved by our clients and is rated as the number-one choice for a Valentine's Day gift. This clutch can hold your phone and a lot of other things.

3. Brocade Clutches- Ruby Red Clutch 

Blushing Red Spiral Clutch

Whether you wear it with a Ruby Red or Blushing Red Spiral clutch, you'll be carrying a rich legacy of brocade fabric. This fabric is considered very expensive and elegant.

Brocade is a woven fabric consisting of patterns that are primarily used for ornamental outfits. Brocades have a long history and were worn regularly during the reign of Akbar, between 1556 and 1665.Earlier, silk fabric was used on which brocade work was done but now it has become very easy to weave it on any fabric.

ParrotHue designed the Ruby Red Clutch & Blushing Red Spiral Clutch specifically for the Valentine's Day collection. Their appearance suggests elegance and glamour. They will pair beautifully with your date-night outfits, color-blocking dresses, and of course Indian outfits. This clutch can hold your phone and a lot of other things.

4. Potli Bags-Meera Potli Bag

Myra Potli Bag 

ParrotHue presents two classic & timeless potli bags for Valentine's Day- Myra Potli Bag & Meera Potli Bag. Mirror embroidery has been famous for generations and is also called "Sheesha" or "Aabhla" needlework.

To make them more affordable, our potli bags have glued mirrors. The Myra potli bag features handwork around the mirrors and the Meera potli bag is a mirror work lace. 

The prominent places for Mirror Work are Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana states of India. Each place has its own distinctive form to showcase mirror work.

The drawstring bag is loved no matter what the occasion is. Our potli bags come with two types of handles- wristlet and sling chain. These potli bags can be worn with any traditional or western outfit. All our potli bags can hold your phone and a lot of other things.

5. Kutchi Work- Red Berry clutch

The Red Berry Clutch which illustrates the tribal art of Kutch district, Gujarat state, and the Sindh area of India. Kutch embroidery is a significant contribution to Indian traditions.

The embroidery becomes more beautiful when it is accompanied by a small mirror, also known as ‘Aabhla’. The specialized cross-stitch on the fabric encloses the mirror and gives it a casing. This is a long and expensive process. Most often, the designs are embroidered on cloth depicting animals, birds (peacocks, parrots, elephants), flowers, temples, or even women dancing.
The ParrotHue Red Berry Clutch elevates your outfit to another level. It pairs beautifully with your Indian traditional outfit and with your boho dress. This will be a stylish bag to carry at the Navratriatri festival- a nine-day festival that involves worshipping Goddess Durga and dancing for nine nights.

6. Gift Bags- Bandhani Drawstring Bag

The earliest known edition of Bandhani dates back to 4000 BC, when dyeing was first done in the Indus Valley Civilization. Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile decorated by plucking the cloth with fingernails into many tiny bindings.

It is crafted from a beautifully recycled Bandhej Saree with golden thread silk, which makes it look very luxurious and elegant. This drawstring bag is a bandhani print, not an actual bandhej.

Our drawstring bag dimensions are perfect to give gifts on all occasions. 

At ParrotHue, we curate a wide range of Jewelry, Gond Art Paintings, Gond Art Clutches, Contemporary clutches, and as well as having clutch bags made out of Phulkari, Kutchi Work, and more. Our goal is to support more traditional artists and handmade and hand-crafted items. We are committed to supporting local and traditional art and crafts. The classic and timeless collection of Red Clutches has been sorted out to provide numerous options in the lead-up to Valentine's Day.

To place an order for the paintings or for the clutch bags, please visit parrothue.com. Or email us at parrothue@gmail.com. All of these bags are available for immediate dispatch. For overnight or two-day shipping, please email us. 

Thank you for reading it.